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Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint Services

Improving Manufacturing & Supply Chain Efficiency

Navigating the challenges of manufacturing and sourcing in China can be increasingly difficult, given factors such as rising labor costs, unpredictable tariffs, changing regulations, and political tensions. However, there are opportunities for manufacturers who have a clear understanding of business-friendly geographies and can establish operations and build relationships strategically.

EWA's Global Manufacturing Footprint Services specialize in analyzing a company's operations, products, and markets to identify areas of duplication, reduce costs, and improve efficiency and quality. Our team handles the complexities of reducing costs, streamlining operations, and ensuring compliance with local rules and regulations in carefully selected geographies.

When considering changes such as closing, consolidating, or relocating operations and sourcing, it's crucial to approach these decisions with experience, thorough planning, and a detail-oriented project team to avoid jeopardizing operational stability, supplier relationships, and your brand reputation worldwide.

Effective action and implementation greatly influence a company's worldwide operational stability and financial results.

Plants Closed/Relocated/ Consolidated in China

amount of Global Foreign Governmental Incentives negotiated

Countries We completed Global Site Selection, governmental and business investment incentives, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint Analyses
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Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint Services

Services include:

Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint Analysis
Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint Implementation
Global Site Selection
Identification & Qualification of Contract Manufacturing
Plant Rationalization/ Consolidation/ Relocation
Plant Closure Planning
Negotiation of Foreign Governmental Incentives
Project Management of Plant Construction & Relocation
Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Footprint Documents

Operational & Commercial Performance Services

Unlocking Potential: Navigate Challenges, Drive Results

At East West Associates, our seasoned executives specialize in helping companies thrive in today's complex business landscape. From sales and manufacturing to assembly and supply operations, we have the expertise to assess and manage risks, and uncover new opportunities across China, Southeast Asia, Central Eastern Europe, the U.S., and Mexico.

Even the most tightly run companies face challenges that threaten their survival: fierce competition, declining sales, cash flow issues, delays in deliveries, quality concerns, inventory overload, facility maintenance problems, and unmotivated employees.

Working closely with your internal teams, EWA conducts unbiased and thorough analyses to identify the root causes of your business challenges. We then offer tailored paths to overcome these obstacles and guide your organization back to success. With detailed planning and implementation expertise, we ensure that your company embarks on a trajectory of growth.

M&A Due Diligence conducted in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico & Poland/Central Europe

Corporate Turnaround Assignments in China

Number of Operational & Commercial Performance Assessments conducted in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico & Poland/Central Europe
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Operational & Commercial Performance Services

Services include:

Supply Chain Services

Enhance Profitability with a Strong Supply Chain

A company's profitability is greatly impacted by its supply chain, which plays a crucial role in every aspect of the business. From sourcing raw materials to delivering finished products to customers, the supply chain influences production, engages external stakeholders, and supports various internal departments such as sales, marketing, and finance.

At East West Associates, we understand the importance of a well-built and optimized supply chain. Our goal is to create long-term operational and financial stability for our clients by going beyond quick fixes. We help manufacturers achieve sustainable product quality, cost efficiency, and reliable delivery. Trust us to enhance your company's profitability through a robust supply chain strategy.

# of Suppliers Identified & Qualified in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico and Poland/Central Europe

# of new Supply Chain developed in Southeast Asia, Mexico and Poland/Central Europe

# of Make vs. Buy Evaluations conducted
Supply Chain Videos

Supply Chain Services

Services include:

Global Supply Chain Assessment
Make vs. Buy Strategy
Set Up & Operate Sourcing Office
Supplier Identification & Qualification
Covert & Overt Supplier Investigations
Supplier Performance Improvement
Supplier Transition
Global Relocation of Supply Chain
Supply Chain Documents

Human Resource & Risk Management Services

Building a Strong, Productive & Ethical Culture

The success of a company relies heavily on the abilities and attitudes of its leaders, managers, staff, and suppliers. In today's age of open communication, ethics, honesty, and responsibility are more important than ever. While business cultures may vary, there is a growing expectation for ethical behavior in the global marketplace. Companies must ensure that their management and employees can identify and address fraudulent and unethical acts such as corruption, kickbacks, and conflicts of interest.

At East West Associates, our human resource advisors have extensive experience in all aspects of the employee life cycle, from establishing job requirements to safeguarding our clients' integrity. Let us help you strengthen your organization and maintain ethical standards.

Senior Executive Searches completed in SE Asia & China

number of clients retained us for additional projects


percent of executive search placements still there after 2 years

Covert & Overt Investigations of Suppliers and Potential Employees
Human Resource & Risk Management Videos

Human Resource & Risk Management Services

Services include:

Integrity Awareness Training
Interim General Management
Executive Search
Background Checks
Organizational Assessment & Implementation
Compensation & Benefits
Human Resource & Risk Management Documents


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