25 Jan 2020

Strategic Business Planning: Brand Development


A US manufacturer of large construction components for the Chinese market was interested in exploring the growing portable construction products industry. EWA was engaged to develop a strategic vision & implementation action plan to drive company growth.


Step 1: Comprehensive growth potential assessment
  • Market
  • Industry
  • Competitors
  • Customer base
  • Product offers
  • Technical requirements
  • Etc.
Step 2: Analysis to determine
  • The most profitable product segments
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the players in the end-product competitive environment
  • The end customer purchase behavior and decision-making influencers
  • The customer perceptions with regards to brands, products, service, post-sales support, distribution, sales channels, etc.
    • Finding: Significant growth potential…but various market specifics could present severe challenges to a successful company internal production approach
Step 3: Recommendation to produce end-products in cooperation with a local non-industry Chinese assembly company
  • Identification and qualification of a suitable Chinese assembly company
  • R&D briefing and consultation during product development
Step 4: Recommendation to conduct a test market in several key regions
  • Identification and qualification of distribution partner for test market launch


  • After the successful completion of the test market, the client launched nationwide
  • 6% increase in company revenue within the first 24 months
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