Hiring the Right Senior Executives & Conducting Individual Due Diligence and Integrity Training

Hiring the Right Senior Executives

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Human Resource Success in Post-Covid China

Human Resources (HR) management has always been very important in China.  However, with Covid travel restrictions just now lifting for western executives to travel to China, companies are reminded that success in China is heavily dependent on having the right personnel and ensuring the China operation has the right ethical corporate culture.

As western executives are gradually returning, companies are evaluating the quality of their executives in China who are currently managing their operations.  During Covid, many US executives did not make significant HR decisions because travel restrictions prevented them from interviewing candidates and the increased difficulty of identifying and qualifying candidates.

To ensure success, companies must identify the right potential candidates and take the necessary preventative risk management steps of conducting individual due diligence to ensure the candidate’s character, ethics, and management style do not alienate customers, other corporate employees or vendors.

Additionally, these senior executives will shape the company’s corporate operating culture, which significantly impacts the company’s business reputation and employee morale.  Based on EWA’s many years of running China-based manufacturing operations, most employees are aware of existing theft, kickbacks and bribery occurring at the company.  Unless these illegal actions are shut down quickly, they infect the business like a cancer.  Instances of theft and corruption include payments from vendors, kickbacks from customers, selection of family-related vendors, etc.

HR success in China is no longer just hiring the right executives  – in the current environment, companies need to implement risk management practices of Individual Due Diligence and Integrity Training to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong senior executives.

The webinar addresses topics such as:

Executive Searches for Senior Executives

    • How has Covid affected the ability to identify and qualify senior management candidates in China?
    • What are the current challenges US companies face hiring senior level Chinese executives?
    • Has the geopolitical tension between the US and China affected Chinese executives’ interest in working for US companies?

Individual Due Diligence of Senior Executive Candidates

    • How Individual Due Diligence is different from a normal “Background Check”?
    • Which positions require this level of Due Diligence on the candidates?
    • Are there positions which do not require this level of Due Diligence?
    • What are the key risk factors to rejecting a candidate?

Integrity Awareness Training

    • For those companies who have not experienced any unethical behavior at their China operations, why should they consider Integrity Training?
    • How does Integrity Training improve the company’s position if a terminated employee files a claim with the Labor Bureau?
    • How does this training impact ALL the employees – both blue collar and white collar?
    • How does this Awareness training deputize all employees to report unethical behavior?
Hiring the Right Senior Executives


Vicky Shao | Director, East West Associates- China
  • Vice President of Human Resources, Flexco Conveying Equipment Manufacturing Company
  • Human Resource Manager, Lombard Risk International Ltd.
  • Executive Department Human Resources & Administration, Nitto Denko Corp.
Jay Hoenig | Director, East West Associates
  • Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific, Hill & Associates Group
  • Asia Pacific Vice President & General Manager, Bechtel Corporation
  • Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai
Hiring the Right Senior Executives

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Hiring the Right Senior Executives



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