Mitigating Fraud & Corruption in China Operations:

What are the best Corrective Actions and How can we address on-going risk?

Mitigating Fraud and Corruption in China Operations:


Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | 11AM EST/ 3PM GMT

Manufacturing & Supply Chain Seminar Roundtable Discussion with Senior Executives

Who Should Attend?

Executives of U.S. manufacturing companies:

        • U.S. & European executives with China-based operations, looking to prevent or remedy instances of fraud and corruption. 

Why Companies Like Yours Are Attending

You’ll hear guidance to assess and address fraud and corruption that may exist right now within your China operations.  The financial and reputational risks to your people and your brand in China would not be limited locally, but could easily expand, damaging your reputation globally. 

Why Is This Webinar Important NOw?

    • Recently publicized risks to business travelers to China. 

    • A new, unpredictable business environment there. 

    • U.S./China political tensions.  Years of China COVID restrictions.  

All these have made normal, prudent oversight of China operations difficult, to say the least.  Assessing your China operations and demonstrating support to your people there – in person – is important.  Not just to manage smooth and efficient operations, but also to identify and minimize instances of fraud and corruption. 

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ international research indicates that organizations lose 5% of revenue to fraud each year, and 84% of fraudsters display at least one behavioral red flag.  But frequent in-person travel to China remains a challenge. There you are, operating in China… with limited oversight. What could go wrong?

In our May 28 webinar, seasoned executives with real-life manufacturing experience in China – and a skilled professional with deep forensic expertise in China – will tell you about how to mitigate risk in your China operations.

Speakers will aslo answer registrants’ questions, including:

    1. How different is China today from the business-friendly environment pre-Covid?
    2. What are your forensic people in China actually finding?
    3. How well-founded are the recently publicized risks of travelling to China to oversee our operations? 
    4. Are there “red flags” we can look for to infer fraud or corruption in our China operations without actually going there?  
    5. What are the risks of doing nothing right now?  Is it possible recent geopolitical tensions will improve soon and I can resume visiting China more often?
    6. What are the risks of doing nothing right now?  Is it possible U.S. China relations will improve soon and I can resume visiting China more often?
    7. What can we do now if we suspect fraud, corruption or IP theft in our China operations?
    8. Does management and employee Fraud & Corruption Training really help? 
    9. How effective is a formal whistleblower program?  Has it changed since Covid?
    10. I’ve got a guy who’s a real rainmaker for us in China, but I’m not absolutely sure about his integrity? What should I do? 
    11. If I find a problem in China, is my degree of risk limited to within China? 
    12. If I decide to sell my China operation and move production elsewhere, how concerned about this topic do I need to be?
    13. What is the real-life challenges when implementing a new operational strategy or conducting forensic accounting after the ‘dust has settled, and any unhealthy employees terminated?
    14. Can you describe some real-life case studies of fraud& corruption in China that you can share? 
Mitigating Fraud and Corruption in China Operations:


    • Leader of the Forensic Advisory Practice in Shanghai
    • Advises clients on complicated compliance investigations and effective ethics programs 
    Warren Clark | Partner, Grant Thornton, Audit Partner and LEader of National China Business Group
      • Specialized in auditing and U.S. based companies with operations in China, foreign private issuers, and  companies going public in the U.S.
      • Lived and worked in greater China for more than 18 years
      Alex Bryant | President, East West Associates
      • Moderator
          • Former China General Manager for US construction materials manufacturer

          • Former China Director hired to turnaround business and manufacturing plants for US electric motor manufacturer
          Dan McLeod | Executive Advisor, East West Associates
            • Former Director Asia Pacific Operations. Ashland Specialty Ingredients (Shanghai)
            • Former Director of Manufacturing & Supply Chain for Hercules specialty chemicals
            Mitigating Fraud and Corruption in China Operations:

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