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Webinar | Relocating or Expanding Operations & Supply Chain from China to Mexico 

Webinar | November 30, 2022 – Copy

Find out why C-level executives are now migrating from China to Mexico to improve the reliability of their supply chains.

U.S. manufacturers are motivated to act due to economic and geopolitical challenges in China:  COVID lockdowns; China/Taiwan/U.S. tensions; constantly rising Chinese labor costs; higher logistical costs; unreliable transport to customers; volatile U.S./China tariffs; and an increasingly bureaucratic and regulatory environment in China.

Why are companies moving operations to Mexico?

  • For a reliable, timely and stable flow of products and components nearer to customers and assemblers in the U.S. and North America.
  • To assure an available supply of local raw material and components.
  • For access to competitive and qualified labor.
  • To establish manufacturing & supply sources where it’s easy for U.S.-based management to visit and oversee them to control costs and maintain quality.
  • To operate under the USMCA, avoiding the expense, volatility and hassle of China/U.S. tariffs.


Stefan Lachner

  • Former VP Production and Logistics Planning, Robert Bosch GmbH (Mexico)
  • Manager Operations and Engineering, Leoni AG (Mexico)
  • Business Unit & Key Account Manager, Continental Teves Automotive (Mexico)

Dan Mcleod 

  • Director for East West Associates

Our focus is on real-life pragmatic solutions based upon your individual concerns.  Accordingly, we invite your questions prior to and during the Webinar, or even later offline for a private conversation.

Topics include the pros & cons, challenges & opportunities of establishing manufacturing operations and supply chain in Mexico:

  • What is the availability of local suppliers of components & finished goods?
  • Are there logistics & shipping considerations?
  • What’s the story with labor costs? Skilled labor availability?
  • How does operating in Mexico compare to China? To Southeast Asia? To Eastern Europe?
  • Is it easy to do business in Mexico? What’s the business & regulatory environment?
  • What government incentives are there? Taxes? Tariffs? Training?
  • What regions in Mexico will attract certain industry sectors? And Why?
  • What is the availability of industrial parks, lease facilities & greenfield sites?
  • Regional safety concerns?

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