Establishing Manufacturing & Sourcing in Thailand

Establishing Manufacturing & Sourcing in Thailand

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East West Associates Roundtable with Senior Executives

Who Should Watch?

Executives of US companies who are facing manufacturing, contract manufacturing or sourcing challenges in China or other countries.

Why Should You Watch?
For ideas and guidance to help navigate new business manufacturing and supply chain in Thailand.

US companies are establishing or relocating to Thailand for a number of reasons, not the least is diversification from China. Thailand has become a preferred destination as China labor costs and geopolitical concerns increase, and as US/China tariffs remain.

Thailand has a significant manufacturing base and available skilled labor. For example, in 2021 Thailand became the largest motor vehicle-producing country in Asia Pacific, producing 1.9M vehicles.


East West Associates’ speakers will answer questions, including:

  1. Why – and How – are US companies developing manufacturing, contract manufacturing & sourcing capabilities in Thailand?
  2. What industry sectors are finding manufacturing & sourcing success in Thailand?
  3. What financial & operational incentives does the Thai government provide to US companies to establish operations on leased or owned facilities?
  4. How should our investment strategy be designed to best meet the Thailand Board of Investment goals?
  5. How does Thailand labor compare to China & Vietnam? Lease rates? Building costs? What are the relative advantages of Thai Business Park options?
  6. Can you summarize the Thai/US trade relations and tariff policies?

Our speakers briefly present two recent case studies:

    • How an Ohio-based industrial company successfully established a Thai contract manufacturer relationship
    • Key experiences of a Michigan-based electronics manufacturer when relocating its China-based manufacturing to Thailand
Establishing Manufacturing & Sourcing in Thailand


Mark Plum | Director, East West Associates
  • Former President of Briggs & Stratton Asia (NYSE: BGG)
  • VP Sales & Marketing, American Standard Thailand & American Standard China
Steve Blyth | Nederman Corporation (Thailand)
  • Former Managing Director of Southeast Asia, Nederman Corporation (Thailand)
  • Former Sales & Commercial Director, Volvo Cars (Thailand) Ltd.

  • Currently based in Bangkok, Thailand

Establishing Manufacturing & Sourcing in Thailand


Establishing Manufacturing & Sourcing in Thailand



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