25 Jan 2020

Risk Management: Joint Venture 360° Asset Protection Training


A US Chemical company was negotiating a major joint venture with a local Chinese business partner and very concerned that asset theft could compromise sensitive merger negotiations.


  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive training program outlining the various aspects of domestic, foreign and state sponsored industrial espionage.
  • The training provided in-depth explanation of the following methods of corporate industrial espionage:
    • Office – physical and IT areas of exposure
    • Traveler’s computer/laptop/mobile device security
    • Areas of exposure – immigration, hotels, meeting rooms, etc.
    • Techniques imploded – Blackmail, Elicitation, Indigenous recruiting, Listening devices
    • Technical surveillance operations
  • Specific mitigation actions and tactics divided into before, during and after visit segments were presented to in-country staff and executive travelers


The joint venture negotiations team implemented asset theft prevention measures and the negotiations proceeded without complications

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