Commercial, Operational & Risk Management Expertise in China

Founded in 2005, East West Associates is a leading provider in China of Commercial, Operational and Risk Management solutions specifically tailored to meet the business needs of Western companies competing in the ever-changing economic and business environment of China.

The Need

China: The New Normal

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Who could have imagined China would have emerged as the world’s fastest-growing economy and a very competive global player? Over the last five to eight years, demographic trends have pushed up Chinese wages faster than productivity gains, forcing managers to reevaluate their Asian Business Strategies. If you are experiencing challenges, chances are you need more than legal and financial advisors. You need hands-on operational support.

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The Experience & Resources


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The East West Associates (EWA) senior management team has more than 40 years of collective experience helping U.S. Multinationals (MNCs) to successfully compete in China. We are a hands-on consulting firm with “on the ground” resources. Our primary focus is operations. We don’t just design strategies, produce charts and provided random theories, but rather strategically partner with our customer to implement the recommendations. We’re there through the entire process.

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The Knowledge

News & Webinars

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At EWA, we continue to have our finger on the pulse of the ever-changing business climate of China. Having 10 years of on the ground expertise allows our team to provide real time strategies. We strived to be an in depth resource for the businesses we service. We invite you to opt in to our monthly webinars, review archives, and download newsletters. EWA seeks to be a partner and thought leader for U.S. MNCs operating in China.

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The Solutions


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EWA is more than a consultant. We are a proven partner with robust operational solutions on the ground in China. EWA has expertise in helping US multinational corporations assess opportunities and overcome challenges presented in current-day China. We offer in depth experience in five key service areas:

  1. Operational & Business Assessment, Performance Improvement, Rationalization & Restructuring
  2. Merger & Acquisition Support
  3. Crisis Management
  4. Operational Benchmarking, Market Research & Business Operational Strategy
  5. Operational Implementation and Management.

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