03 Mar 2020

Services – Item Two

Manufacturing Footprint Optimization

In its simplest terms, optimizing a manufacturing footprint refers to examining the quantity and geographic dispersion of an organization’s facilities, then adjusting their number and location to reduce duplication, inefficiency or overlap.

EWA’s Manufacturing Footprint Optimization services are dedicated to helping organizations reduce cost, improve operating efficiency, tap talent across the organizational spectrum, create more nimble positions in key geographies and increase strategic flexibility – to making it easier for companies to respond to changing market conditions and better plan/shape the future of the company.


  • Manufacturing Footprint Assessment
  • Manufacturing Footprint Strategy Development
  • Global Expansion
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Outsourced Assembly
  • Location Strategy Development
  • Site Selection
  • Plant Rationalization & Factory Consolidation
  • Implementation Management
    • Plant Construction
    • Plant Relocation
    • Plant Closure
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