03 Mar 2020

Services – Item Three

Supply Chain Optimization

The supply chain is one of the most powerful influencers of company profitability and is often referred to as an integral part of a company’s DNA. The supply chain impacts virtually every aspect of business:

  • Production process (from raw materials – to production of a finished product – to delivery to the end customer)
  • External partners (channel partners, 3rd party service providers & customers)
  • Internal departments (sales, marketing, product design, finance & information technology)

EWA believes that Supply Chain Optimization is about creating long-term financial stability. EWA Supply Chain Optimization services have been developed to look beyond the quick-fix – to help companies drive sustainable performance.


  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Make vs. Buy Strategy
  • Supplier Performance Improvement
  • Supplier Identification & Qualification
  • Alternative Global Sourcing
  • Quality Standards Development
  • Covert & Overt Supplier Investigations
  • Logistics Strategy Development
  • Logistics Network Optimization
  • 3PL Added Value Services
  • Set Up & Operate Sourcing Office
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