03 Mar 2020

Services – Item Six

Risk Management

Risk Management is about reducing threats to company profitability:

  • Uncovering hidden vulnerabilities
  • Protecting company assets

Threats to company profitability come in a variety of shapes and forms and there is no one standard corrective solution. And while threats to company profits can never be completely eliminated, risk can be combated.

EWA operates on the principle that comprehensive risk management begins with an in-depth, deep dive investigation of all potential areas of risk followed by the development and implementation of 360° risk mitigation safeguards.


  • Risk Identification
    • Company Internal Risk Audit
    • Investigative Services (Fraud, Theft, Corruption, Conflicts of Interest, Misappropriation of IP, etc.)
    • Covert & Overt Investigations (Suppliers, Employees, Business Partners, M&A Targets, etc.)
  • Risk Mitigation
    • Information & Data Protection
    • Inventory Control
    • Employee Theft & Embezzlement Prevention
    • Procurement Monitoring
    • Quality Control Safeguards
    • Plant Security
    • Integrity Awareness Training
    • Crisis Management Planning
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