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Performance Improvement
All best-in-class companies

Services – Item Four

Performance Improvement

All best-in-class companies have processes in place to continuously monitor and improve their performance in all areas. “Continuous Improvement” is a hallmark of ISO compliant companies and involves a set of Quality Processes and teams of people organized to find opportunities to improve both manufacturing and administrative effectiveness and efficiencies, institutionalize those improvements and to continually measure results.

However, the path to continuous improvement requires constant attention and even the most well-run companies can find themselves in acute situations where factors emerge that jeopardize company viability – competitive issues, loss of sales, cash flow issues, drops in efficiency and on-time deliveries or upticks in quality problems, inventory piling up between operations, plant-keeping issues or an unmotivated workforce. Haphazard growth can also contribute to inefficiencies.

In these cases, it is often beneficial to take a critical and unbiased look at the overall company from a commercial, operational and risk perspectives in order to seek opportunities to streamline, increase efficiencies and to reduce waste. East West Associates (“EWA”) conducts such analyses in conjunction with internal teams as the first step towards identifying and prioritizing opportunities and, in turn, developing and implementing mitigating strategies. Many tactics are available depending on company factors, the scope of the problems, and the amount of time available before the organization collapses. EWA provides consulting executives with the detailed planning and proven implementation management expertise to guide the organization back to a success path.


  • Viability Analysis
  • Company Turnaround
  • Corporate Renewal
  • Process Optimization
  • Global Expansion
  • Customer Base Expansion
  • Growth Development