03 Mar 2020

Services – Item Eight

Business Assessment

In a recent survey of global companies, 69% of company leaders claimed that did not feel that they had full visibility over their global operations and were therefore, exposed to hidden threats to company stability and/or were not fully leveraging company opportunities – in short, they were not fully able to drive company performance to its maximum potential.

The EWA Business Assessment services focus on exploring company operations and are designed to enable companies to identify both hidden threats and unleveraged opportunities within the organization.


  • Commercial Assessment (Sales, Marketing, Product, Channels, Competitive Environment, etc.)
  • Operational Assessment (Manufacturing, Internal Operations, Administration, Materials, Workflow, etc.)
  • Risk Assessment (Corporate Governance Compliance, IP Security, I/T Security, Physical Asset Security, Environmental Risk, Fraud, Corruption, Employee Theft, Labor Unrest, etc.)
  • Organizational Assessment (Interpersonal & Interdepartmental Workings)
  • Supplier Assessment (Visibility of Tier 2 & Tier3 suppliers)
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