About – Intro

Our Mission To drive growth, improve performance

About – Intro

Our Mission

To drive growth, improve performance and increase value of western companies operating in China, Asia, Mexico and Central Eastern Europe by providing commercial, operation and risk management solutions with proven, hands-on implementation.

Founded in 2005, with offices in the US and Asia and an executive team of specialists with multinational working experience within the global business environment (China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Mexico, Czech Republic & Poland) EWA possesses a comprehensive insider understanding of the global markets, including corporate, economic, cultural, governmental, financial and regulatory. This EWA point of difference is the key to delivering innovative solutions specifically tailored to address individual client needs.

Proven hands-on experience is fundamental to ensuring successful on-the-ground implementation for our clients. Therefore, all EWA operational executives have held global senior management positions with P&L responsibilities for western multinational companies, including Briggs & Stratton, Bechtel Corporation, Littelfuse, Inc., Eastman Kodak and Ashland Global Holdings, Inc.

East West Associates has extensive experience in numerous industries including:

  • / Automotive
  • / General Manufacturing
  • / Durable Goods
  • / Metal Fabrication
  • / Consumer Goods
  • / Filtration & Separation Equipment
  • / Chemicals
  • / Packaging
  • / Electronics
  • / Semiconductors
  • / Food & Beverage
  • / Medical Devices
  • / Laboratory Equipment
  • / Specialty Metals
  • / Food Technology
  • / Industrial Textile & Apparel
  • / Coatings & Building Materials
  • / Energy & Natural Gas