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Relocation of a Chinese Manufacturing Plant

Key Takeaway:
Western Company needed to move a manufacturing plant while continuing uninterrupted product shipments to their Asian customers.

Western Company was a manufacturer of automotive parts with a China-based manufacturing plant. With the move in site and a looming deadline, the Company did not have the required relationships with the local Chinese government. The Chinese government has instituted a 1M USD fine if the plant was not moved within an established 8 month time period.

Relocated the manufacturing plant without disrupting the supply chain and existing customer orders.

East West Associates (EWA) assigned a Mandarin, Cantonese and English speaking Project Manager with experience establishing and seamlessly relocating manufacturing operations in China. EWA Project Manager was born in China but raised in the U.S. He was an American citizen, certified builder in the U.S. and had significant manufacturing and plant relocation experience. Project Manager drove the relocation and reported directly to the Company's General Manager (GM) in China at key milestones to ensure the project stayed on schedule and within budget. The project had an 8-month completion schedule without serious penalty. Interim GM responsibilities included:
  • Determine the project schedule and keeping the project within budget
  • Determine the need for contractors, defining and obtaining quotes from contractors, and managing the contractors’ work
  • Leverage existing relationships with the local government for permitting processes
  • Mitigate the risk associated with the plant relocation and provide uninterrupted product to their customers
  • Regular communications with the Western executives regarding all aspects of the project including, but not limited to timing, budget and progress
EWA was able to relocate the plant within budget and on time while maintaining seamless service to existing customers.

Closure of a Chinese Manufacturing Plant

Publicly traded, Western producer of complex electronic products needed to close its manufacturing operation in Beijing while offering uninterrupted service to their China/Asia Pacific customers.

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