Case Studies

Operational & Business Assessment, Performance Improvement, Rationalization & Restructuring


Mergers & Acquisition Support Services


Commercial Due Diligence of a Chinese Acquisition Target

For a U.S. Manufacturing Company attempting to acquire a Chinese competitor, East West Associates (EWA) conducted a comprehensive Commercial Due Diligence of the target company and designed a Post-Purchase Integration strategy. EWA’s findings helped the client avoid a potentially disastrous investment.

Closure of a Chinese Manufacturing Plant

Publicly traded, Western producer of complex electronic products needed to close its manufacturing operation in Beijing while offering uninterrupted service to their China/Asia Pacific customers.

Operational Benchmarking, Market Research & Business/Operational Strategy


Servicing China/Asia from Multiple Manufacturing Sites

Attempting to utilize a single facility in Asia to supply multiple countries can prove problematic due to non-tariffs barriers such as lead times to markets, tax rebates, and access to both domestic and international markets.

Market Strategy & Competitive Research

Western client needed critical competitive data on the China market in order to evaluate multiple Market Entry Strategies. East West Associates (EWA) conducted the Market Research on-the-ground in China and evaluated the data with the Company to determine which strategy best met its Financial, Strategic and Operational objectives.

Operational Implementation and Management Services


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